Friday 26 July 2013

Configuring a Zycoo ZP-302 VoIP phone for Sipgate

I recently subscribed to Sipgate for a telephone number that I could use for conference  / webex calls from my home office.  The sign up process with Sipgate was very simple and within a few minutes I had an 0191 number and all the details I needed to register my IP phone.  I decided to purchase a Zycoo ZP-302 due to its features and cost (Now I wish I purchased the ZP-502 due to it's headset port but the speakerphone on the 302 is more than adequate).  The configuration of the ZP-302 was simple once you worked out what details were needed and where to enter them, hence the reason for this post.

The phone is configured by default to pick up it's IP address from DHCP so all you need to do is power it up and plug it into your network.  You can find the IP address from the phones display by pressing and holding the Sysinfo button.  It cycles through the IP address, default gateway and configured telephone number (Configured via the browser).  Once you have the IP address simply browse to it via Internet Explorer and log in with the default credentials of admin and admin.  Once logged in select the VOIP menu option and configure either line 1 or 2 as per the screenshot below (ensuring you remember to apply your settings).

select the STUN menu option and configure it as per below:

Once they setting have been configured the SIP icon on the phone should stay permanently on and you should be able to make (If you have credit) and receive calls.  It took me a few hours to get the configuration working and involved a support request to Sipgate.  The problem turned out being the Phone number field.  I was typing the phone number but it actually needs to be your SIP-ID.

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