Sunday 23 February 2014

vSphere Top Blogs

Just a quick post to say that Eric Siebert (Blog | Twitter ) over at vSphere Land has opened the poll for the top blogs for 2014.  Last year I made it into the top 200 so I'm gonna see if I can do a little better this year.  So, if you've found anything useful on my blog at all then please vote for me via the VOTE link below.

Big thanks go out to Eric and all the sponsors.  I know he put a lot of effort into this all in his own time and it's very much appreciated.

Thursday 6 February 2014

First Three Months at VMware

Well, i've survived my first three months at VMware and this is just a quick post about how it's been, so to sum it up in one word, WOW.  First of all, VMware do a great job with the on-boarding process.  They have a structured approach to learning with tasks and goals that you should complete by day one, week one, month one, month two and month three.  I was advised that the first task I should complete was to order my company credit card as it comes in extremely handy.  But honestly, the entire process was easy to follow and all the training is online.  The training at VMware is by far the best I've had compared to all my previous employers.  I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Ascott as I'm on START training which is new hire training for all of EMEA and it's ran once every three months.  I think there are currently around 93 employees from all over EMEA here which shows how much VMware values training their employees.

As mentioned in a previous post this is the first time i've moved from an operational role to a pre-sales role and so far it's going great.  I'm enjoying getting out and about, meeting customers, engaging with partners and everything that comes in between.  I still feel I have a long journey ahead especially not coming form a pre-sales background but it's definitely an exciting time at VMware.  Another three months and hopefully I'll pass the six month probation.