Wednesday 16 October 2019

Adding vCenter Cloud Gateway Proxy Exceptions

I was recently asked about whether or not we could add proxy exceptions to the vCenter Cloud Gateway appliance to ensure that all local traffic i.e. traffic to the on-premises vCenter does not go through the corporate proxy. For those who are not aware, the vCenter Cloud Gateway allows Hybrid Linked Mode between an on-premises vCenter and a vCenter residing in VMC without the requirements on opening specific ports from VMC back to on-premises. The only ports that are required are TCP/443 and TCP/902 as per the pre-requisites:

When checking the VAMI interface on the vCenter Cloud Gateway appliance the only options for proxy are enabling or disabling for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, there is no option to add exceptions:

To add exceptions you need to use the API. The get the list of current proxy exceptions you can use:

GET https://<Cloud Gateway IP>:5480/rest/appliance/networking/noproxy

If you want to add entries you can do a PUT against the following URL:

PUT https://<Cloud Gateway IP>:5480/rest/appliance/networking/noproxy

with the following JSON:

    "servers": [
        "" ** Add networks that require exception **

localhost and are always added

In the below example I GET the current list of proxy exceptions:

I then PUT two new exceptions into the list ( and

Then finally do another GET to show the full list: