Tuesday 16 November 2010

SRM 4.1 Installation Error – XML Document is Empty

After installing and configuring the array manager in SRM 4.1 I received the following error message:
I had installed SRM 4.1 and the EMC MirrorView Site Recovery Adapter version 1.4.01 as we have two EMC CX4-240 SAN’s.  After looking at the installed software on our current SRM 4.0 installation is looks like I needed the Solutions Enabler software from the EMC PowerPath site.  I uninstalled the EMC SRA and installed the x64bit version of the Solutions Enabler, reinstalled the SRA and restated the SRM service.  After this I was still receiving the error message listed above.  I noticed that the SRA was x86 so I installed the x86 version of the Solutions Enabler and this worked successfully.

Friday 5 November 2010

Book Review – Maximum vSphere by Eric Siebert

I’ve just finished reading the excellent Maximum vSphere book by Eric Siebert.

The book is 14 chapters long with 363 pages and contains information regarding vSphere (mainly 4.0 but also references 4.1).  I found this book an extremely thorough and found a lot of information that I previously didn’t know.  I was extremely impressed with Chapter 7 which contains information on monitoring performance within vSphere.
Simon Seagrave also produced some content for the book which I think was Chapter 14 which was how to go about building your own vSphere lab.  Once again, another excellent chapter which contained a wealth of information.