Wednesday 23 April 2014

VDP Advanced SQL Agent Permissions

I've been playing around with the VDP Advanced appliance recently and can across this little gotcha when using the SQL agent to backup individual databases.  After downloading and installing the agent on my SQL server and creating a new application backup job when it came to selecting the databases I would only see the default three which were master, msdb and tempdb:

After searching for a while I was unable to find anything relating to this error and the VDP 5.5.5 Admin Guide doesn't mention the fix.  I assumed it would be a permission problem so I added the vCenter service account to the local administrators group to ensure it had full access to SQL.  This didn't resolve the issue, I then checked the Backup Agent service which was running as the Local System user and realised that it obviously didn't have permission to SQL.  I changed this account to run as the vCenter service account and then created the backup job again and hey presto:

I removed the vCenter service account from the local administrators group and added it to a global SQL administrators group just to tidy things up.  Remember this is my lab environment so I'm comfortable with the vCenter service account having those permissions.

Update - 23/04/2014

The VDP 5.5.5 Admin Guide does actually advise you regarding this issue on Page 145 as this is applicable to SQL 2012:

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