Wednesday 22 January 2014

Upgrading from VDP 5.5 to VDP Advanced 5.5

In this post I'm quickly going to show you how to upgrade from VDP 5.5 (Specifically to VDP Advanced 5.5.  I have VDP 5.5 running in my home lab obviously for backup purposes but I want to look into the product further, specifically the replication and automated backup verification features which are only available with the advanced version.  The following FAQ article has some great information about the product.

So, in order to upgrade the license you should log into the vSphere Web Client and connect to the VDP appliance:

Once connected click the Add a VDP Advanced License Key which should be presented as soon as you connect.  Obviously if you have already assigned the license key on install you can ignore this:

Click on the cog icon and Assign a New License Key:

Enter the license key and click Decode:

Click on the hosts that you want to assign to this license key and click OK:

Your VDP appliance should now be licensed.  You now need to switch to the advanced version by clicking on the Switch to VDPA button in the configuration screen:

You will be presented with a warning message advising that you cannot undo this change.  Click Yes:

You will see a message advising that the upgrade was successful, click OK:

You will be asked to re-connect again and once you do if you check the Configuration tab you should see that you are now running the Advanced version:

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