Saturday 18 January 2014

North East VMUG - 13/03/2014

The next UK North East VMUG has been finalised and will be on Thursday 13th March from 12:00 and take place at:


Simpson Room
Melbourne Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Once the full agenda with times has been confirmed I will update this page but here are some highlights of what we have planned:

  • Hot Topic Round Table: Join Us for a Roundtable Discussion on the Community’s Hottest Topics
  • Nimble Presentation: Nimble Customer
  • VMware Presentation: vSphere 5.5 – What’s New - Hani El-Qasem (Blog | Twitter)
  • Community Presentation: “Home Labs” with Added Demo - Michael Armstrong (Blog | Twitter)
  • VMware Presentation: vSAN - Lee Dilworth (Twitter)
  • Networking, Food & Drinks, and Raffle
  • vBeers at Bridge Hotel – Sponsored by 10Zig
Were trying something new this event by putting on a round table slot from 11:00 to 12:00 for anyone who wants to come along and talk about what there currently up to or any challenges they are currently facing and would like input from others.  Hopefully if we get a few people involved we might look to put similar sessions on at future events.  We also have a great selection of presenters which include the awesome Lee Dilworth and Hani El-Qasem.  I'll also be doing a community presentation on Home Labs whereby I'll hopefully show you a live demo of exactly what I run at home.

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Big thanks go out to our Sponsors for the day, Nimble and 10Zig.  Without their help we wouldn't be able to put on these free events.

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