Thursday 7 January 2021

VMware Cloud on AWS Online vExperience Days

Are you interested in some free technical on-demand VMware Cloud on AWS training videos? If so, then the EMEA Solution Architects team have produced nine videos to guide ranging from introducing you to the service all the way through to automation and cloud economics:

1. Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS and Use Cases
2. Deploy Your First VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
3. Accelerate Your Cloud Application Migration with VMware HCX
4. Protect Your Data, Minimize Downtime and Reduce Costs with Optimized Disaster Recovery
5. Create Hybrid Applications with VMware Cloud on AWS and Native AWS Services
6. Day-2 Operations: Managing Your VMware Cloud on AWS Platform
7. Deploy and Configure Your Entire VMware Cloud on AWS with Automation
8. Application Modernization with VMware Cloud on AWS and Kubernetes
9. Cloud Economics: What is it and How it Can Help You to Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

Click on the link below to register and get started. 

Feel free to provide any feedback or if there is any additional content you would like to see.

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