Wednesday 16 September 2020

VMC Sizer now accepts RVTools and LiveOptics Inputs

When it comes to sizing customer environments who are looking to migrate from on-premises into VMware Cloud on AWS we always use the VMC Sizer website. The tool allows us to input and modify various parameters to correctly size the environment. Basic values that we need to gather from customers to size the environment are:

Number of VMs

Storage per VM

vCPU per VM

vRAM per VM

In order to gather the VM profile information we typically use either RVTools or LiveOptics to gather the data. We then export the data to an Excel spreadsheet and then manipulate the data to get the average size VM based on the environment(s) that we are sizing. Once we have the average VM sizes we can then input these values into VMC Sizer to identify the number of hosts required.

A recent update the VMC sizer team introduced is the ability to import the exported Excel spreadsheet directly into the sizer tool to populate the required fields. We have the ability to import both RVTools and LiveOptics data:

Once you select the .xlsx file you can choose to include Powered Off and Suspended VMs if you wish. You can also choose to size based off Utilized or Provisioned from a storage and memory perspective:

The following diagram explains the options that you have to size based on storage. Total Disk Size is Provisioned, Total Used Space is Utilized and LiveOptics also gives you the storage usage from within the Guest OS utilising VMtools: 

Once you click Upload the tool will analyse the spreadsheet and fill in the correct values based on the extract:

No need to manipulate the data to find the average VM size anymore. If you want to perform multiple sizing based on different clusters then simply just filter the data and copy/paste to a new .xlsx file and upload it individually.

This dramatically simplifies the sizing process for end customers and allows them size based on multiple scenarios such as specific clusters for licensing purposes etc.

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