Tuesday 1 November 2016

vRealize Network Insight Support Bundle

Recently a customer of mine had an issue with an instance of vRealize Network Insight and I needed to provide a support bundle to engineering for further analysis.  In order to create a support bundle you first need to SSH into the vRNI Platform VM with the following credentials:

Username - consoleuser
Password - ark1nc0ns0l3

Once authenticated run the following command:

support-bundle create

Once the support bundle has been created you should see the new support bundle filename:

You can optionally run support-bundle list to view all support bundles that have been created.

You then need to copy the support bundle off the vRNI Platform VM.  Easiest way I found to do this was copy it to a datastore on an existing ESXi host and then download the bundle via the datastore browser.  To copy the support bundle to an ESXi host's datastore simply run the following command and provide the root password for the ESXi host:

support-bundle copy --user root --ip --port 22 --bundle DOFNNHE-IOFNNHD-11012016-104042 --targetpath /vmfs/volumes/ESXI6-03:Local-SSD

Once the copy process completes you should be able to browse the datastore and download the support bundle:

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