Wednesday 24 February 2016

Communication Channel Health not showing correct health

I recently had an issue in my homelab whereby the communications channel health was showing that communication from NSX Manager to the firewall agent was down but NSX Manager to Control Plane Agent and Control Plane Agent to Controllers were both fine:

This seemed a bit strange to me because in order for NSX Manager to communicate with the Control Plane Agent (NETCPA) it does this via the vShields Firewall Deamon (VSFWD) as per my pervious blog article on NSX 6.2 Communication Channel Health.

The environment was working as expected so I started troubleshooting by verifying that both deamons were in fact running on the host, as expected they were:

I didn't have much time to troubleshoot as I was travelling home so I picked this up the following day, when opening my RDP connection to my jumpbox I noticed that I was not automatically logged out of the web client.  I then logged out and refreshed the browser but the login page would not load.  I tested this on another browser which displayed the login screen as expected, once logged in the communications channel health with the host in question was showing that everything was OK.  A simple clear of the chrome cache on my jumpbox VM resolved the inconsistencies with the communications channel health.

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