Monday 6 October 2014

Configuring DHCP Relay in NSX

One of the new features with NSX 6.1 is the ability to configure DHCP Relay on a Distributed Logical Router.  Before NSX 6.1 in order to use DHCP you had to have a DHCP server directly attached to each subnet.  Chris Wahl (Blog | Twitter) has a great article about all the new NSX 6.1 features.  To configure DHCP relay you must be running NSX 6.1 and ensure that all your Distributed Logical Routers are running at least version 6.1.  The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have the required scope with options configured on your DHCP server.  In my example I have an APP01 VM on the network that is currently assigned a static IP address of which I'm going to configure to use DHCP.  I've already configured the required DHCP scope as per below:

In order to configure DHCP Relay simply browse to the Distributed Logical Router that is connected to the network that you want to enable DHCP Relay for and browse to the DHCP Relay tab:

Click the Edit option and enter the IP address of the DHCP server that you want to forward DHCP request packets to and click OK:

In the DHCP Relay Agents section click the green plus icon and select the network that you want to relay DHCP request packets for and click OK.  In my example I'm using the Tenant-01-App-Tier:

Verify all details are correct and click Publish Changes:

Ensure the VM on the network is configured for DHCP, renew the lease and then check the DHCP server to ensure that a lease has been give out:

DHCP Relay has now been configured on the network.

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