Wednesday 22 August 2012

RouterBOARD - Factory Reset

In order set reset the RouterBOARD back to factory default you need to grab a paper clip and push down the reset button at the rear of the device (highlighted in red):
Wait 10 seconds and then remove the power to the device whilst keeping the reset button pushed down, after 10 seconds power the device back on and keep the button down for a further 10 seconds (30 seconds in total).  The time might actually be a lot loss but 10 seconds worked for me.  The device should then boot up within 30 seconds.  Connect your laptop to any port apart from 1 (This is used as the WAN port and is set to be a DHCP client by default).  Once connected you should pick up an IP address in the / 24 range.  Point your browse to and you should now have access to the RouterBOARD web interface:
From here select your method of connecting to the device and configure away.

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