Tuesday 16 November 2010

SRM 4.1 Installation Error – XML Document is Empty

After installing and configuring the array manager in SRM 4.1 I received the following error message:
I had installed SRM 4.1 and the EMC MirrorView Site Recovery Adapter version 1.4.01 as we have two EMC CX4-240 SAN’s.  After looking at the installed software on our current SRM 4.0 installation is looks like I needed the Solutions Enabler software from the EMC PowerPath site.  I uninstalled the EMC SRA and installed the x64bit version of the Solutions Enabler, reinstalled the SRA and restated the SRM service.  After this I was still receiving the error message listed above.  I noticed that the SRA was x86 so I installed the x86 version of the Solutions Enabler and this worked successfully.

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