Tuesday 26 October 2010

vCenter Linked Mode loss of connection

Occasionally when connecting to one of our vCenter servers I received the following error message:
We have two vCenter servers linked together in linked-mode as this is a requirement for SRM (Site Recovery Manager).  When pointing my vSphere client to one vCenter server I should be able to see both and manage both.  This has worked but it seems like everytime I change my admin account password I seem to lose the connection to the other vCenter.  This might just be a strange co-incidence.  I’ve tried logging into both vCenter’s as another user and clearing down all my sessions but still no joy.  The strange thing is when launching the vSphere client from the vCenter server I can see both – It just seems to be my machine.  Anyways, the only way to fix this is to reboot both vCenter servers and then I can access both vCenter’s again.
Anyone any ideas?
I’ve confirmed that when I launch the vSphere client directly from either of the two vCenter servers I can see both vCenter’s but when doing it from my local Windows 7 laptop I can only see one (the one I connected to)
Logged onto one vCenter from my laptop with another account and it worked fine.  I could see both vCenter servers.  Logged out and then back in with my admin account and then suddenly it started working.  I’m starting to think it’s a local cache issue with my laptop when I change my admin account permissions.  Anyways, I think I have a workaround.  I’ll see if it happens again next time I have to change my password.

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